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Light Seven is a forerunner in the field of education and knowledge. We are committed to exploring knowledge supply relationships, educational software development, knowledge content platform, and many other aspects. We hope to bring a free, open and unlimited knowledge education platform to the world.

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Shanghai Boluo Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2015, headquartered in Shanghai, is an innovative Internet technology company. Mainly engaged in technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer, technical service, animation design, e-commerce, development and maintenance of computer software in the field of software technology, information technology, network technology.

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Light Seven Cloud Notes

We have done a lot of efforts and improvements to enable us to gain more efficiency and progress in learning, life and work. Light seven cloud notes is a simple, easy to use and powerful cross platform application.

  • Meetings, notes at any time, support for many colors, fonts, cloud synchronization
  • Powerful Sketchpad, split mirror sketches, PPT presentation documents, book illustrations, and creative creation
  • Manuscript proofreading, plan modification, work plan, collaborative operation, multi terminal accuracy
  • Online chat, group chat, teleconference are stable, private, and safer
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We will update our product progress and discovery information synchronously in the official website. Welcome the attention.
No accumulation of thousands of miles, solid work and every job has always been the way we stick to work.

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Our products have received many excellent reviews from the media and celebrities.
These are just and representative evaluations.

The software is easy to handle, and the function of cloud note taking is relatively large. The function of the drawing board is also very powerful.

Peer review proofreading, no longer repeated in the mailbox, easy to use, strongly recommended!

A great and amazing dream!A project worth long term investment!

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