Job Responsibilities:

1. Take overall responsibility for product technical direction research and overall planning, participate in overall architecture design, evaluate product risk and management, and maintain the company’s core product architecture system;

2. Understand the business needs of the system, formulate system optimization and adjustment plans, supervise the progress of the project, and ensure the high-quality implementation of the software project on time;

3. Solve various potential system technology risks from the system architecture design level to ensure the system’s security, stability, and rapid operation;

4. Participate in the development of project technical management, development management processes;

5. According to the needs of different stages of the company’s development, put forward product innovation proposals, and implement feasibility studies, and ultimately complete the formulation of the overall design of the product;

6. Participate in team echelon building, personnel training and daily management work to improve team professionalism and effectiveness

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above; computer related major;

2. 10 years of development experience and above, familiar with the system architecture of the Internet industry;

3. Has the application architecture, technical architecture design experience, familiar with Java and commonly used frameworks, development tools;

4. Web application architecture design and development experience with large-scale high concurrent access over 5 years;

5. Have good management, organization and coordination capabilities, and have technical management experience in people and above.

6. Has a certain degree of sensitivity to the technology market, and can implement technology from the perspective of customers and businesses;

7. Strong sense of responsibility, honesty and dedication, and team spirit

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Social, educational project management team experience

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